Terms & Conditions

GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS Before availing any of our Online trading services the Client shall complete registration process as per our guidelines. The Client shall follow the instruction given in the web-site for registering himself as a client. The client agrees that all the decisions of investment and disinvestment are based on his own evaluations and investment goals. The Client will not hold nor seek to hold Inspire Education or any of its officers, directors, employees, or business associates liable for any trading losses, cost of damage incurred by the Client consequent upon relying on investment information, research opinions or advice or any other information whatsoever on the web site, literature, brochure issued by Inspire Education or any other agency authorized by Inspire Education.

SECURITY CODE, PASSWORDS & PRECAUTIONS Inspire Education will provide its registered clients with a username, a trading password and customer user identification number or other identification or security code which will further help him to avail all the facilities of online trading offered by Inspire Education on its website or over the telephone and other means as per norms of Inspire Education for availing the services.

The Client shall be responsible for keeping the Username and Password confidential and secure and shall be solely responsible for all orders entered and transactions done by any person whosoever through Inspire Education’s Online Trading System using the Client’s Username and/or Password whether or not such person was authorized to do so.

It is client’s responsibility to immediately inform Inspire Education for any unauthorized use of the Client’s Username or Password along with full details of such unauthorized use including the date of such unauthorized use, the manner in which it was unauthorizedly used, the transactions which were affected.

In case of unauthorized use of the Client’s Username or Password Client shall immediately change his Password.However, if the Client is unable to change his Password by reason of his having forgotten his Password or his Password having been unauthorizedly changed by some other person or for any other reason then the Client shall immediately request Inspire Education in writing to discontinue his old Password; and thereupon Inspire Education shall cause Inspire Education’s Online Trading System to discontinue the use of the Client’s old Password . A new password generated will be communicated to client.

Client shall always log off from the website at any time the Client is not accessing or using the Service. Any liability incurred to the Client as a consequence of the Client not logging off the Service shall borne solely by the Client.

BANK ACCOUNT The client agrees that Inspire Education may reveal some information’s with Inspire Education as part of agreement with client, to the bank with whom such clients maintain bank accounts.

The client confirms that the bank account linked to the trading account is valid bank account of the client.

DEMAT ACCOUNT The client agrees to open, maintain and operate a valid de-mat account with the depository participant as designated by Inspire Education.

The client agrees that Inspire Education may require the client at any time during the subsistence of any arrangement relating to the subject matter of these presents, to open one or more demat accounts with the depository participant designated by Inspire Education. The client agrees that the debit/credit for all the transaction may be effected in this accounts.

AUTHORIZATION Depository Account The client shall provide Inspire Education a power of attorney which will authorize Inspire Education to debit/credit/block the client’s depository accounts through its authorized personnel in order to carry out the transactions by Inspire Education on behalf of the client on the exchange.

Bank Account The Client shall authorize Inspire Education to debit/credit or block his bank account or create a lien on the amount lying in his bank account to the extent of the client’s obligation to Inspire Education in respect of the transactions done or to be done by Inspire Education on behalf of the client on the Exchange.

REGISTRATION FOR THE USE OF SERVICES AND OTHER FACILITIES A person visiting the web site may access and use the facilities offered by Inspire Education with a unique client Id and password after fulfilling the requirements on the website. Facilities shall mean documents, Stock market quotations, service being offered etc.

Only persons who satisfying all the requirements and enters into an agreement with the member shall be entitled to avail the Services provided by the member.

FEES AND BROKERAGE The client will agree to pay Inspire Education brokerage, commission, fees, service tax and other taxes and transaction expenses as they exist from time to time and as they apply to the Client’s account and transactions, and the services that he receives from Inspire Education.

In case of any updation or client request a schedule of brokerage, fees and commissions, applicable service and other taxes and other transaction expenses shall be provided by Inspire Education.

The client agrees that Inspire Education may charge user fees for the use of any other service including but not restricted to the Online Trading service and dial up services, at a rate mentioned on the web-site or otherwise intimated and as may be modified from time to time. Inspire Education may charge any other relevant charge in the manner intimated on the web-site or in any other manner from time to time including but not limited to Trade Commissions, Service Tax, Turnover Charges, Tax Expenses incurred, Stamp Duty, etc.as applicable.

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